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April Update on Simucube 2 Sport & Pro availability

A bit of good news everybody! We have been able to start the first deliveries to our respected resellers. Volume is small this time and will be focusing on clearing the backorders. Fulfillment of the backorders is still going on and we keep working on to make this happen and it is our topmost priority. It will likely take the whole of May to deliver all current ord

ers to our resellers.

There have been major steps on our manufacturing side to improve the future situation but these changes take time to make an effect.

Please contact your chosen reseller for availability and more detailed information.

We have also taken a policy of updating you guys every two weeks about the availability situation. We are getting updates quite often but also want to keep you in the loop!

Just a reminder that there are plentiful of Simucube 2 Ultimates available, no shortage in there! (Components are sourced from different sources than in other models)

ps. We do want to point out that we don’t do manufacturing batch system anymore on Simucube / Granite Device side. It used to be so when Simucube 2 was launched but we have moved to a leaner system that could be described more with a term rolling production!

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