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Simucube 1 1.0.22 Firmware Update

Simucube 1 Firmware 1.0.22 is finally out!

=== New features ===

· Built with Qt 5.14.2 - the software should scale better on high-DPI displays.

New filter

  • Static Force Reduction Filter


  • Bumpstop rework, including safety and ease-of-use changes

  • Bumpstop will disable itself automatically if there is any possibility that a profile switch or parameter change could induce any torque.

  • Bumpstop will automatically re-enable itself when wheel returns to inside the bumpstop range (with some margin).

  • Bumpstop effect has been simplified. All bumbstop settings have 100% power, and there are three well-tuned settings (soft/medium/hard) available.

  • Bumbstop setting is now a per-profile setting.

Simucube Wireless wheel image management

  • By default, wheels/wheelimage.png is loaded.

  • If a wireless wheel is connected, a short-named wireless wheel png is loaded from /wheels directory.

  • Some default wireless wheel images are supplied with the software.

  • User interface tooltip will say which file is being tried to load.

  • Right-clicking the wheel image in the PC software, the Driver is able to map/unmap wheel images to individual wireless wheels.

Other changes and fixes

  • Automatic Simucube Wireless Wheel idle disconnect - wheels will disconnect after 1h of inactivity to optimize battery life. Activity is monitored through wheel turning 10 degrees or more. Also the disconnect is not allowed to happen if there are FFB effects in use.

  • Brief display of wrongly showing 2.56 V for wireless wheel voltage when connecting a wireless wheel is fixed.

  • Reduce Configuration Tool CPU consumption when the window is not the active foremost window.

  • DirectInput Sine effect / Spring effect strength sliders affected each other.

  • DirectInput Spring effect now follows the effect's magnitude parameter

  • Drivers can set password protection for profile settings. This feature is especially useful for commercial sim operators - if a password is set, visitors can't make unwanted adjustments.

  • After unlocking locked profile settings, they can be relocked again.

  • Wheel centering code has changed. Users must set a new center point after this firmware update.

  • Filter scales match now the scales on the Simucube 2 products.

  • X12 Lower inputs work correctly in encoder mode.

  • Pro

file export functionality: Drop-down menu selection for exporting all the profiles, or just the current profile.

Download link and other documentation can be found on SC1 Wiki: Keep on racing!

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