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Simucube 2 second batch details

Aktualisiert: 10. Juli 2019

Hello Racers! We have an update regarding second batch of Simucube 2 devices.

Second batch status

Most Simucube 2 components have now arrived in the assembly line. We expect most of the second batch devices to be shipped out to resellers by 2nd of August. Naturally it will take approximately 5 to 10 days after that to reach customer's doorstep.

First batch wrap-up

Another great news is that first batch displayed zero hardware design related failures which gave us green flag to proceed full throttle ahead in production.

Based on the feedback of the first batch, some improvements were made to Simucube Quick Release wheel adapters to make installation easier. The updated wheel adapter parts will be offered for free also for first batch owners - for details, see this link.

Rest of the initial issues were software and documentation related, and updated versions of them will be freely downloadable for all users.

Where we go from here

As Simucube 2 demand has exceeded our expectations positively, batch 2 will still leave many drivers waiting for their SC2. However, batch 3 and 4 components are already on their way to assembly line at much higher quantities than first two batches. We expect these finally resolve the shortage of Simucube 2's. Batch 3 production is already starting at the end of August which makes the waiting time relatively shorter compared to batch 2.

After above tasks are cleared, the Simucube team will have 100% focus on upcoming improvements of all Simucube models. Simucube team is thankful for the very active community making it all possible!

Stay tuned for mode details.

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