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Updated Simucube steering wheel adapters have arrived

Aktualisiert: 12. Aug 2019

Second revision steering wheel adapter components with improvements based on user feedback have arrived. The updated components will allow effortless and rock-solid coupling of standard wheels with 70 mm and 50.8 mm bolt patterns to a Simucube Quick Release system.

Second revision is fully compatible with first revision and upgrade is optional. The Simucube 2 side of the SQR remains unchanged, only the wheel side SQR is updated.

All the parts to fit a wheel to Simucube 2: Simucube Quick Release™ wheel side part (top right) and versatile wheel adapter parts (rest of the parts)

Fully assembled wheel side Simucube Quick Release™ ready to be attached to a wheel


The second revision adapters are included as standard parts in all Simucube 2 systems that are currently being sold and shipped.

For first revision owners, Simucube team is collecting requests for the new adapter parts. More info about requesting upgraded parts can be found in here.

Fully assembled Simucube Quick Release™ installed on a steering wheel

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